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Dads Birds<>

Some of my Dads Birds, Two Champions and some in training.
My dad was a keen pigeon fancier and was very good at it, his birds won races from as far a field as Thurso in Scotland, Berwick in the north, the Channel Islands and from the Continent of Europe, on race days we had to phone up the association headquarters to find out their release time and the wind direction and from that he knew what time he could expect them back and he was never far out, his birds were so well trained that some of them were required by the armed forces in the war, each bird had a small lipstick type thimble attached to their legs, the messages were written on rice paper and then put into the thimble, as far as I know all of my dads birds returned home safely.

The picture of the Great Spotted Woodpecker was taken in our garden in Pembroke Dock June 2007, we also get a large variety of wildlife including
Hedgehogs, Fox, Rabbit & we even have had a Badger.  
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Great Spotted WoodpeckerFeeding its young in our garden June 2007

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