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 The Unconquered Seminoles

The Seminoles. A fierce, proud tribe of Florida, let neither three wars with the United States Army or the harsh Everglade swamps defeat them








"Seminole Wind"

Dot's Great Grandfather had a very colourful and interesting life. He sailed around the world when he was 20 years old, he then  married but could not settle, so they emigrated to America. His wife was not happy there and came home back to Birmingham England leaving him there. Here is an extract from an American newspaper relating to the life that he made for himself. I hope that you find it as interesting as I have. Please read on.         
 ( I now quote)

Few biographies have been written that contain descriptions of a more colourful and varied succession of events than have occurred in the life of F. W. Treen, superintendent of streets and forestry, until recently city marshal of Arcadia

    Mr Treen is also one of the comparatively few persons whose birthday comes but every four years his birth having occurred on February 29th. At the beginning of the new century in 1900 he had no birthday for eight years, and he can truthfully say that he is younger than his years, Birmingham England was the birthplace of Mr. Treen. During his youthful days he indulged extensively in athletics, being a great lover of the out of doors. He took part in many contests and at one time was a member of a rowing team, winning in a contest on a dangerous and choppy trip across the English Channel.

    At the age of 14 Mr. Treen graduated from the elementary schools and entered college in Liverpool. Leaving college at the age of 17 he became affiliated with his father in the business in manufacturing terra cotta products and ornamental building facings.

    Being of a roving disposition however, he succumbed at the age of 20 to the wanderlust, took advantage of an opportunity which presented itself and started on a sea voyage around the world. In his travels of two years he visited nearly every country in the world, including South Africa, China, Tibet and the West Indies, meeting with many exciting events and several times narrowly escaping death.



   He came to the United States at the age of 23 and became a naturalized citizen at the earliest opportunity, being instrumental in influencing many of his countrymen to become citizens also.

  While hunting in the everglades of Florida, with two companions, at one time Mr. Treen and his party were taken prisoners by Seminole Indians, and held in captivity for days. The daughter of one of the chieftains, taking a liking to the captives, cut their bonds one night and with her aid the men escaped, only to be recaptured and brought again to camp. They were detained and later released through the U. S. Government Indian agent.

    Going to New Bedford, Mass, shortly afterward, Mr. Treen became city engineer of the town and later street superintendent, holding the position for several years.
Later he moved to Haverhill, Mass, where he again engaged in street construction work. It was here he met Miss Jessie Fremont Fuller, whom he married in July, 1903. Mr. and Mrs. Treen came to California in 1908 and settled in Arcadia, where they have made their home  since.

       Soon after their arrival here Mr. Treen was appointed city marshal a position which he held up until his resignation last fall. Mr. Treen, besides his office of marshal, held the offices of tax collector, street  superintendent, fire chief and superintendent of forestry and parks of Arcadia. In September, 1922, because of the onerous duties he resigned from several of his various offices and retained the position of superintendent of streets and forestry. Under his regime the condition of Arcadia streets in general have reached their present high standard.

Los Angeles County, California, Saturday, May 31

Many Arcadians Honour Memory of Departed School Trustee

F. W. Treen Remembered in Flagpole Dedication and Colour Pageant Last Thursday:

 Salute of Guns and Sounding of Taps Render Ceremonies Impressive: Children in procession; Addresses by Citizens .

Likening the character of the late Fred W. Treen of Arcadia to the shining purity of the white flag pole which raised its head above the throng of reverent Arcadians who Thursday evening gathered at the school to honour his name, Rev George Thomas opened the impressive ceremonies of the stirring pageant and dedication.

A crowd of several hundred Arcadians assembled and filled the seats outlining the spacious lawn and beautiful grounds, grounds which were planned by the departed trustee and beloved citizen, during his years of loving labour for the school and  city.

R Bruce Walter delivered the beautiful dedication address speaking briefly and impressively on the striking characteristics which united in making Mr. Treen "one of the nature's noblemen," and expressed the hope that the many good works which he had helped to start in the little city would be continued with unceasing ardour.



Salute of Guns.

Perhaps the most impressive part of the entire performance was the salute of guns by a group of soldiers from Fort McArthur, and the sounding of assembly and taps by the bugler from Fort McArthur. The flag was raised by four boy scouts led by Richard Gowd and later lowered to half-mast in memory of Mr. Treen.

Dr. Carrie Eaton past president of the P. T. A. in whose mind the flagpole dedication originated, spoke briefly and with appreciation of Mr. Treen and his co-trustees, F. C. McLaughlin and L. G. Beadle, who served on the board with Mr. Treen she also thanked the P. T. A. members for the splendid co-operation.

The flagpole which was placed by Keith Watson, Arcadia merchant, rose from a cement base upon which was placed a bronze memorial tablet inscribed on the tablet were the words,

"To the Arcadia Grammar School,

from the Arcadia Parent - Teacher Association, in memory of Frederick William Treen. Trustee

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